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About Us

J&B Seamless Gutter Company was opened September 6, 1975 by brothers John and Gary Simons. John had been an apprentice with a gutter company in Red Creek, NY since 1968. In 1971 he did a tour of duty with the Navy, and when he returned in 1972 he continued installing gutters for a seamless gutter company in Syracuse, NY.

Gary also started installing gutters in the early 70's, at the same company in Syracuse.  One day while taking a coffee break, they were approached by a man who wanted to sell his seamless gutter machine.   John and Gary bought it, and the rest is history. The gutter company initials are from their wives' first names -- so it is truly "family" owned and operated.

In the early 80's it became evident that serving the Central New York area was more than the two brothers could do on their own.  Their reputation as the best installers of seamless aluminum gutters had them working from sun up to sun down.  They brought on their youngest brother, Dale, and a close family friend, Morris.  They invested in another truck and seamless gutter machine. Dale and Morris are still with J&B Seamless Gutter Company today.

In recent years they've added another family member, John's son-in-law, Dale.  Every crew member at J&B is well trained and qualified to do the best possible gutter installation on your home or business. Even John's wife Bobbi Jo, who manages the office, was once an installer.  You can be assured when you call that you are going to talk to someone knowledgeable about gutters and not just a receptionist..

Many other gutter companies have come and gone in the Central New York region since the Simons brothers started J&B in 1975.  Their focus on only installing rain gutters, and reputation for being the absolute best, has helped them carry on a successful business through good and bad economies.  If you're looking for a quality gutter installation from a trustworthy and experienced company, you need look no further than J&B.  Schedule your free estimate today.